“Yoga is the path to enquiry and inner self peace”

Sofia first discovered Yoga in 2009 when her choreographer added it to her schedule as “a warm-up for the body and the mind”. Recovering from surgery, as a professional dancer, she was surprised to see immediate results from the practice. She hasn’t stopped practicing since.

Predominantly exposed to Ashtanga, she stumbled across Lumi Power Yoga when she moved to London. Sofia got hooked to the Baptiste inspired Yoga and the Lumi Community and decided to take her journey to a new level by completing her 200hrs Teacher Training.

As a teacher, Sofia couples her deep understanding of the body (from her dancing career) with the beauty of discovery in her classes. She encourages her students to be open to new experiences and believes strongly in their inner power.

She believes that everyone is perfect the way they are and it is her mission to help her students embrace that. It’s in our hands to be our best version, on and off the mat!

Sofia Loves
  • Family
  • Dance
  • Trips

The Private Yogi’s teachers are fully qualified, insurance and ID checked so you can be 100% safe and confident that will get the best tuition in a professional but also friendly way. Our standards are the highest and we ensure that all our clients receive the best experience ever.

Yoga is a personal journey and that’s what it has to be taught privately.  

If you are a teacher interested in joining us please apply and someone from the team will be in touch shortly. We are always welcoming exceptional yoga teachers.