“Yoga is like music that connects the mind, body and soul”

Ross’s journey began in 2006 after a knee injury from playing football which caused him to be unable to play contact sports. In search of something else Ross found yoga at his local gym, this provided the physical outlet that he had lost.

After a few classes, Ross’s knee began to feel better with the pain disappearing. After finding a dedicated practice Ross qualified in Australia in 2015 and has followed a yoga path ever since.

Ross aims to challenge his students his classes but still manages to keep a calm and relaxed attitude helps students feel at ease.The focus in all of Ross’s classes is safe alignment while fostering and encouraging ‘organic’ movement in the body.

He understands how hard it is to work with an injury and will accommodate his classes around a student’s needs.  Ross teaches a traditional Vinyasa flow class and specialised in Mandala Flow, a class that is practiced on crossed mats.

The mandala flow incorporates movements in all planes of direction and aims to create the balance between postures in the arms and legs, based on the Universal Yoga system.

Ross loves
  • Music
  • Movies
  • Guitars

The Private Yogi’s teachers are fully qualified, insurance and ID checked so you can be 100% safe and confident that will get the best tuition in a professional but also friendly way. Our standards are the highest and we ensure that all our clients receive the best experience ever.

Yoga is a personal journey and that’s what it has to be taught privately.  

If you are a teacher interested in joining us please apply and someone from the team will be in touch shortly. We are always welcoming exceptional yoga teachers.