“Yoga supports the changes in your life, maintains balance and lets you express yourself”

Margot is a certified yoga teacher, qualified Psychologist, and a Life Coach in training. At the moment she teaches yoga and organises psychological workshops, integrating into her work those approaches as powerful ways to transform people’s lives the way they want.

Margot has first started practising yoga while she was at the University, where she studied Psychology and English. She was overwhelmed with the amount of work she had and constantly stressed out.

“On the mat, I found a safe space where I was able to let go of most of my worries and discover how to enjoy simply being in the moment, as I am, for me, yoga is truly a transformational path Margot says. Each time I practice I learn something new and at the same time it feels like coming back home.

I am fascinated with the relationship between mind and body and how those two aspects of our existence influence each other. Through my own experience, as well as through my teaching practice, I had a chance to notice how invaluable yoga is in helping to introduce changes in our lives and in opening up new possibilities” Margot says.

Margot also strongly believe in adapting the practice to individual needs and she doesn’t trust one-fit-all approaches.

Margot loves
  • Books
  • A cup of tea
  • Spending time with her loved ones

The Private Yogi’s teachers are fully qualified, insurance and ID checked so you can be 100% safe and confident that will get the best tuition in a professional but also friendly way. Our standards are the highest and we ensure that all our clients receive the best experience ever.

Yoga is a personal journey and that’s what it has to be taught privately.  

If you are a teacher interested in joining us please apply and someone from the team will be in touch shortly. We are always welcoming exceptional yoga teachers.