“Yoga is a way to manage everyday with awareness and compassion”

As a dancer, yoga started as something Harri did every now and then but wasn’t anything more than that until years later. After stopping dance by to injury. Harri was suffering badly with anxiety and depression and someone suggested she should try yoga to help.

She wasn’t convinced but returned to class and couldn’t believe the difference she felts in just one class. “I was hooked”, Harri says, alongside the physical challenges and benefits, she could leave everything behind at the door and just be on her mat in a safe and tranquil environment. Since then Harri’s life has changed immeasurably as yoga has crept into more and more areas of her life.

These benefits are what she wants to pass on to as many people as she can. “I’ve seen the difference yoga can make, how it can change lives and that is why I chose to teach. As people become more and more stressed with the hectic pace of life, there is a real need for people to stop, slow down and mindfully live in the moment. Just to be.

Yoga fosters a sense of well-being, self-acceptance, positivity and compassion to yourself and others. Things that are often put aside in the mad rush to do everything for everyone else whilst forgetting about yourself. Yoga teaches us that we can’t look after anything without taking care of ourselves in body and mind”.  Harri said.

Harri loves
  • Dance
  • Coffee
  • Her cat “Oliver”

The Private Yogi’s teachers are fully qualified, insurance and ID checked so you can be 100% safe and confident that will get the best tuition in a professional but also friendly way. Our standards are the highest and we ensure that all our clients receive the best experience ever.

Yoga is a personal journey and that’s what it has to be taught privately.  

If you are a teacher interested in joining us please apply and someone from the team will be in touch shortly. We are always welcoming exceptional yoga teachers.