Yoga Sports

Do you want to be the best?  Be less injury prone & succeed in your chosen sport? 

Whether you are a Runner, Climber, Crossfitter or Swimmer incorporate yoga into your training routine & get the mindset of a winner!

Programme Includes 4 weeks of:

 Teacher of your choice

 All equipment provided

 Classes around your schedule

 Exclusively tailored to your needs

 Delivered to you wherever you are in London


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Programme Benefits

 Real Results in just 4 weeks!

 Be Pain-Free and Recover Faster

 Develop a strong mind, body technique

  Increasing mobility & improve balance

 Stretch tight muscles whilst strengthening weak spots

 Pre and Post race/event dedicated programs for all sports

Other programmes for Cycling, Climbing, Cross-Fit, Swimming, Martial Arts, Boxing.



Pay Now

  • 4-weekly private classes
I started the yoga runner programme in preparation for my first London Marathon, I was very happy to see that after just 4 weeks I had reduced my time per mile by over a minute – highly recommended!
I was always having issues with my IT Band due to overuse. My programme taught me how to strengthen the muscles that support my knee and now it feels better than ever!
Every time I ran I suffered from pain throughout my body due to weak muscles in my body. My programme teacher brought balance back into my body and strengthend my weak muscles. For the first time in a long time I am pain free!

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