Yoga for Pregnancy

Our Yoga for Pregnancy Programmes are for Mums; at every stage of your pregnancy

Choose from prenatal yoga classes suitable for all trimesters, and postnatal classes to help get you, back to you.

Programme Includes 4 weeks of:

 All equipment provided

 Classes around your schedule

 Exclusively tailored to your needs

 Delivered to you wherever you are in London

 Qualified Pre and Postnatal Teacher of your choice

Easy Online Booking


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Prenatal Programme Benefits

  Breathing exercises to help with childbirth

  Decrease lower back pain, nausea, and headaches

  Structured gentle yoga to support  each trimester

 Connect with your baby and self, have a healthier pregnancy

 Relaxation techniques to improve sleep, reduce stress and anxiety

 Toning of the physical body, pelvic floor, hip & abdominal core muscles

Postnatal Programme Benefits

  Realignment of the spine after pregnancy

 Strengthening of Pelvic Floor muscles

 Have some you time or have your baby with you

 Yoga movement that promotes stamina and strength

 Renewing energy, positivity and healing after birth

 Rest and relaxation, reducing anxiety and postnatal depression

 Toning the deep abdominal muscles to close the body after birth



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  • 4-weekly private classes
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