Yoga Injuries 

Don’t be a slave to your pain, retake control with our Yoga Injuries Programme

Programme Includes 4 weeks of:

 Teacher of your choice

 All equipment provided

 Classes around your schedule

 Exclusively tailored to your needs

 Delivered to you wherever you are in London


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Programme Benefits

 Improvement in just 4 weeks!

 Develop the Mind, Body Technique

  Restore balance  in the body and relaxation

  Rehabilitation yoga movement to support your injury

  Strengthening supportive muscles, providing flexibility and balance



Pay Now

  • 4-weekly private classes
I had been suffering from my back pain for years,.It had taken over my life until I undertook my Yoga Injury programme. I learnt about my posture and how to gently strengthen my back and after a long day I would use the Heat Lotion and massage it into my skin to get some relaxation. Finally after years, I am back in control!
The Yoga Injury programme really helped my bad knee that I got from running. I learned how to strengthen the muscles that support my knee and yoga poses that help to reduce the inflammation. I am now on the Yoga Sports programme to get me back in the race!
I had an accident and damaged my shoulder – thankful I found this programme, that aided my rehabilitation with soft gentle movement.
I hurt my wrist in a fall and struggled to put weight on it. My teacher dedicated all of my yoga classes to building my strength again, starting from using my forearms and building up to my hands and wrists!
The support package was great I felt my body was stronger and when my injured knee flared up I used the Gelly to help with the swelling. It was so soothing it worked a treat!

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