Yoga Fit

Are you looking at getting back into fitness but don’t know where to start?

Don’t worry we’ve got the solution and it doesn’t involve the gym or leaving your house – sounds good right?

Programme Includes 4 weeks of:

 Teacher of your choice

 All equipment provided

 Classes around your schedule

 Exclusively tailored to your needs

 Delivered to you wherever you are in London


yoga fit bubble

Programme Benefits

 Real Results in just 4 weeks!

 Core strength focus movement

 Develop a strong mind, body technique

 Build stamina through body weight training

  Increasing mobility whilst improving balance



Pay Now

  • 4-weekly private classes
I’ve been doing Crossfit for a while and needed something extra for my mind and health. The combination of yoga and nutrition is exactly what I needed!
After completing my Yoga Detox Programme I couldn’t get enough so took my fitness up a level with the Yoga Fit! The nutrition and core yoga poses really toned me up and built my stamina! Can’t wait for the next level!
Love it!
Yoga Fit helped me find my love of fitness. I used to spend long hours in the office, eating rubbish and not working out. Now that has all changed! My body feels great and my mind is so calm! Don’t hesitate these programmes are great!

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