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Yoga is a worldwide community and because of that, we welcome bloggers from around the world. Here at The Private Yogi, we want to help you to achieve your professional dreams and encourage a work-life balance that’s right for you. So If you are passionate about Yoga and Wellbeing and want to educate people whilst reaching a global audience, then get in touch we would love to hear from you!

-Food: From yummy and healthy recipes to new natural ingredient studies as well as benefits for health. Please include detailed info about recipes (serving size, ingredients, easy prep instructions and a photo (photo guidelines).

-Yoga/practice: Videos of three-minute and photos are welcome, just remember include clear instruction on how to perform the activity.

-Fashion: From beauty tips to outfits trends related with the industry are always awesome for our audience, just remember we are Green Ambassadors so natural stuff and nontoxic are into our ethos.

Now, remember we are all one! So, your tone should be clear and objective, inclusive, motivational, inspiring, educational, of course besides your happy and warm mood. Avoid anything outside this and we will happy to publish your post.

-The post must be original and unique to The Private Yogi. You can’t have published before either on your blog or any other website.

-Use links in brackets [https://theprivateyogi.com]. Don’t hyperlink in words.

-Include a photo (see our guidelines).

-We want high-quality content, we don’t accept SEO-driven content.

To submit your post for review please contact us at themagazine@theprivateyogi.com:

-Your post including Title in the body of the email (not doc attached).

-Images, videos (attached). See our photo guidelines.

-Your bio in no more than 100 words with a nice photo (see our photo guidelines) and include all your social media links and blog/website url.

-Once submitted, The Private Yogi Team will review your post within 7 days and if it’s been accepted you will hear from us, otherwise feel free to give another try and send something different if don’t hear from us.

-By submitting to theprivateyogi.com you acknowledge that you accept our terms and any form of editing The Private Yogi editorial team deems necessary.

-Photos must be at least 850 pixels by 400 pixels.

-We look for high quality and attractive pictures, no matter if it is your special veggie dish or a posture, ensure that it’s a good picture, with nice colors, eye-capturing and in high resolution.

-When submitting a photo please see consistent with the style of it as should be in line with The Private Yogi’s branding (Light – Bold – Simple). If you are not sure, please get some inspiration from our site.

-Now you’ve got everything you need to write your post and publish it on our Blog.

-Good luck 😉