Charlotte Morse | Founder and CEO

Charlotte is the Founder and CEO of The Private Yogi. When she formed the company she had two main goals, the first was mentorship and the second was honouring yoga’s tradition.

With yoga evolving Charlotte wanted to create a safe environment for teachers to mentor one another whilst gaining paid teaching experience and spreading the wonderful teachings of yoga.

When Charlotte isn’t teaching or practicing, you will find her hanging out with her puppy Jamming (Yes! He will forever be her puppy), enjoying long walks in the woods.

Paul Artiguas | Co-Founder and CMO

Paul is the Co-Founder and CMO of The Private Yogi alongside his partner Charlotte.

Paul is an online tech geek specialising in Marketing. When he isn’t working on his computer, you will find him competing in Ultra Marathons across the world and hanging out with Jamming!

He is an advocate of his own daily yoga practice which has supported and strengthened his running.