Every single person is different. We each have different goals, needs and desires. Each person you meet has their own way of doing things. So, surely, our yoga classes should be as unique as we are?

Below are just seven reasons why you should choose a private yoga class with The Private Yogi.

  1. Commitment 

We’ve all been there. The huge amount of enthusiasm that we have for a new hobby suddenly evaporates completely two weeks in. But every time you book a private yoga class you are making a commitment to continue and, with time, you will push past that initial drop in enthusiasm to become a yogi for life.

  1. Safety

When you’re just starting out in any new activity, safety is a huge consideration. But even for those with a bit more yoga experience, things can go wrong very easily and you may be putting yourself at risk without even realising. All of our teachers at The Private Yogi are professionally trained and understand how to prevent and spot any potential injuries. In large classes a teacher will not be able to pay you the individual attention needed to protect you from harm, but in a one on one class, where your teacher is able to track your moves and correct your posture, you can be assured that your safety is under control.

  1. Privacy 

The truth is, standing up and trying something new in front of a large group of people isn’t for everyone and can actually put a lot of people off getting involved and giving it their all. A private yoga class allows you the privacy to explore yoga in your own way without worrying about what’s going on around you.

  1. Going at your own pace

A private yoga class means that you and your teacher will move at your own place. This could means taking things slower or faster than you may do with a group class. Whatever your personal needs are, you can work it out with your teacher and continue to develop your practice at a pace that suits you.

  1. Set your own goals 

Is there something you particularly want to achieve in your yoga practice? Maybe you want to work on mindfulness, fitness, or flexibility. Working together with your teacher means that you can focus on exactly what you want to achieve.

  1. Choose a program

At The Private Yogi we offer a number of yoga programs that will focus on different areas such as weight loss and fitness. These programs offer the full package: a yoga fitness program as well as a diet recommendation and an exclusive choice of specialised products to enhance your progress.

  1. Convenience

Sometimes it can be really hard to find time for hobbies in amongst all our other commitments. Private classes offer you convenience and flexibility in your practise, so that you can book lessons to fit in with your busy schedule. Not only will this take away the stress of travelling to a group class, but it will make it easier to commit to your practise and continue to progress.