Why You Should Do a Detox

‘Detox’ is something that’s thrown around a lot in the health and fitness community, but what does it actually mean?

Well, ‘detox’ comes from detoxification and is often described as a method of cleansing the body of toxins or an unhealthy diet. In truth, you can’t actually ‘detoxify’ your body, your body does this on its own constantly, but you can make changes towards a healthier body.

The aim of a detox should always be to start taking the steps you need to begin a healthy lifestyle and start cutting back on unhealthy habits. It can also be a good way of easing yourself into a new diet. You may choose to go on a ‘detox’ for three days a week, and then slowly increase the days. But it will also allow you to identify the unhealthy elements of your lifestyle and replace them with better chooses.

A traditional ‘detox’ will often involve diets with high levels of fluids, vitamins and minerals, whilst avoiding food with high carbohydrate levels. We all know the benefits of getting enough water, but by increasing your liquid intake you should start to see results straight away on your skin and in your energy level. Other methods of ‘detox’ may involve particular herbal teas that are soothing for your digestive system, helping to decrease the bloating that often comes with poor diets.

But keeping up a new diet isn’t always easy, which is why The Private Yogi offer the Yoga Detox Programme, specifically designed to support your individual goals. The program lasts for four weeks and is a gentle way to lose weight without having to worry about going to the gym, or doing huge amounts of cardio.

The programme includes a teacher of your choice, all equipment provided, personal guidance and a flexible, supportive schedule. It also includes the ‘Forever Living c9’ pack, a collection of weight loss products that has been used by many big name celebrities. But the aim of the course isn’t to transform you overnight, it is to offer you the support and guidance that you need to transform the way that you are living.

This detox programme is particularly good for those who are new to health and fitness. Perhaps you don’t have a very high level of fitness and find strenuous cardio difficult to keep up with? Or maybe you are simply new to the whole idea of diets and exercise and don’t know which way to turn. With the Detox programme you will be working on both elements needed to create and develop a healthy lifestyle: diet and exercise. Combined with the gentle, yet effective, nature of yoga, you’ll be sure to see sustainable progress.