It always pays to be prepared. You never know what you may come up against throughout your day, and knowing that you’ve prepared in advance makes it easier to avoid potentially stressful situations.

Summer time in the UK is a tricky thing. It may be boiling hot one moment and feel more like Autumn the next. So here are a few things to remember to pack in your yogi travel bag this summer.

Clothing for any weather 

If you’re going somewhere nice and hot, it’s obvious that you will need to pack outfits that will be suitable for the temperature. This may include cropped leggings and light, loose fitting tops. But if you’re going somewhere in the UK, it would be wise to pack a mix of outfits suitable for both hot and cool temperatures. A mix of both short and long sleeves tops, and long and short leggings is the best bet when preparing for a trip in the UK.


Water is something that you should always be packing in your yoga bag, no matter what the season. But when the weather starts to get hotter it’s extra important to stay hydrated both before, during and after your practise. But it doesn’t have to be boring. Why not try adding refreshing lemons or sweet orange segments to your water to mix it up?


It’s always a good idea to turn up with your own equipment. This includes yoga mats, blocks, straps, music etc. Not only does this mean that you are fully prepared straight away, but you can be sure that everything will work the way that you want it to. Additionally, this means that you can practice anytime, anywhere. Maybe you’re staying in a hotel for a few nights and will want to continue with your regular practise.  Or perhaps a spontaneous yoga opportunity will arise somewhere near where you’re staying? Whatever it may be, it always pays to be fully armed with equipment that you know and trust.

Sun Protection 

With the weather warming up, taking practice outdoors can be great fun. But before you do, make sure that you’re protected from the sun. Remember to pack sun screen and apply it all over your body, not forgetting problem areas such as your neck and chest. It may also be a good idea to wear a sun hat, to protect your head, but try to keep this as light, secure as possible so that it doesn’t distract you throughout the class. If you go into it protected and prepared, outdoor practise during the summer can be a greatly rewarding and unique experience.