When it comes to yoga outfits there are two things that really matter: comfort and durability.

You need to consider the fabric of your yoga clothes. They will need to be made of something that will stretch and move with your body, without being restrictive. The benefit of clothes specifically made out of fabrics designed for sports and activities is that they will offer you proper durability and technologies to absorbed sweat and keep you dry.

But with all that’s on offer in terms of good quality yoga clothes, there’s still a tendency for men to stick to dark, plain outfits. The fact is, as the demand for yoga and active wear increases, the variety on offer get ever more exciting. So really, with all that’s on offer, and this handy guide to yoga outfits for men, there’s no excuse not to try something new.


Surge Short 5

Lululemon Surge Short 5″ at £52

These shorts are a great, versatile staple piece for your yoga wardrobe. In the summer months they will keep you feeling cool and comfortable, but during the winter they can be paired with a pair of leggings underneath.

Coming in a textured grey or green khaki, stay comfortable and stand out.


Metal Vent Tech Tank

Lululemon Metal Vent Tech Tank at £52

Loose fitting tops are always a good option for yoga, as you need to be able to move your arms and core easily throughout your routine. This top is made with ‘anti-stink’ technology that absorbs and controls sweat. Made without seams, you will be able to avoid chaffing, and available in a number of different bright colours, this top is a great way to spark up a yoga outfit.


Intent Pant

Lululemon Intent Pant | Anti-gravity at £98

These pants are a great transfer piece that you can wear both in, during, and after a workout. Offering you full coverage, they make great outdoors pants and will be sure to keep you warm in winter and to protect you from the sun in the summer. Designed with ‘leg panelling’ to spread seams away from areas where they often cause discomfort, and made to sit on the waist with enough space around the thighs to allow you to move, these pants will never get in the way of achieving your yoga dreams.